At Standard & Poor's Platt's (a division of McGraw Hill Companies) NY City
our Oracle Database Administrator designed, installed and configured Advanced Symmetric Replication with asynchronous propagation on multiple Compaq Proliant 5000 Servers running Windows NT‚ and Oracle 7.3‚. The project involved database tuning and back-end analysis, hardware and software upgrades, as well as disaster recovery planning. Conversion and loading of data from DB2 format to Oracle 7.3‚ as well as database performance tuning increased the speed of database by as much as eight times.

At MCI Systems House, New Jersey
our Lotus Notes Administrator solved client security concerns by implementing a mail routing system between clients and sites using Lotus Notes Domino Server. The set up involved extensive use of control domains, database replication and cross referencing with other domains as well as SMTP gateways and Inter-Notes Server.

At Schering Plough, New Jersey
our Lotus Notes Division designed a system generating spreadsheets and graphs for monthly sales and progress reports helping corporate offices track sales and budget. The system design prevented individual regions from retrieving unauthorized information outside their region.

At CitiCorp Investments, New York City
our Network Integration Specialist was part of the team carrying out a Windows NT‚ rollout at the CitiCorp Investment Center. The project involved integration of Windows NT‚ with Novell 3x and 4x for approximately 450 users worldwide connected through TCP/IP utilizing WAN and RAS connections.

At a Major Clothing Retail Chain
in a setup with INFORMIX‚ back-end and PowerBuilder front-end, our INFORMIX‚ Database Administrator carried out an upgrade from an older version of INFORMIX‚ to a newer version. Responsible for migration, development and database support, our DBA wrote software tools and utilities for daily production functions and support. He tuned the shared memory to increase the speed and performance of the database.

At Triboro Insurance, New York
a member of our team of Visual Basic‚ programmers completed a software development project for capturing, organizing, and manipulating a wide variety of data for brokerage and insurance clients. The Graphic User Interface (GUI) created in Visual Basic‚ to communicate with the back-end database (Oracle ) was a big hit with over 100 users for its functionality and user friendliness.

For a Municipality in Upstate New York
our Visual Basic‚ programmer/analyst carried out extensive coding for arraying and manipulating Town's ticketing data. The analyst developed a user friendly front-end Graphic User Interface in Visual Basic‚ to communicate with the back-end database in Oracle‚ that resulted in efficient manipulation and ease-of-use of the database on parking violations and other tickets.

At Elite Group of Companies, New York City
a team of our Windows NT‚ specialists carried out a customized installation, configuration, and administration of Primary Domain Servers, Backup Domain Servers, and Work-Group Servers for over 200 users connected through TCP/IP utilizing WAN and RAS connections.