Palmtop / PDA solutions
Our Team of wireless application developers has designed and implemented a variety of Windows CE / Pocket PC application utilizing Microsoft CE Embedded tools, C/C++ & Visual Basic.
The applications we have developed are Compatible with a full range of mobile device processors like ARM Strong, SH-3, SH-4 and MIPS, Toshiba processors. These also have TCP/IP, Blue tooth, SLIP, PPP, IrDA, Multimedia support and Text-to-speech capabilities. Applications developed so far can be Integrated with mobile devices like, printers, Credit card / Smartcard Reader, GPS, CAN, Barcode scanner, infrared and Multimedia devices.
Our Wireless department also provides Multiple Network Support including CDPD, GSM, CDMA, TDMA, 1X-RTT, iDEN.
Our key focus has been on providing Low-level direct connectivity with wireless modems bypassing application protocols to enhanced performance and status notification.

Mobile Phone & WAP Solutions
We also are developing Wireless applications for data enabled mobile phones. Taking in account WAP technology and two-way messaging services, we are proud to develop message communication systems using 'Push Technology' and WAP alert notification.