Data Entry & Imaging
We are equipped to handle large data entry jobs with a very short turnaround time. We are geared to handle voluminous data entry projects as our offshore sites are linked directly to our Office with multiplexed T1 lines.

Data Processing
Data processing is accomplished by extracting information from a form, fax, catalog, book, electronic media or an on-line entry system, while simultaneously offering an Internet based data entry and query service.

Form Processing
Various forms like mailing lists, market surveys, inventory sheets and any data on paper that requires conversion to magnetic media are input accurately and efficiently. We can also transmit data back to your office via modem or Internet.

ICR/OCR Technology
Here the documents are scanned and are deciphered into text thereby reducing the data entry time. The data that is thus obtained is then saved in the format according to the client's specification.

Data Conversion

Data Migration