SmartCab Corporate Features

Geo-Data Verification:
SmartCab Corporate is equipped with a sophisticated Geo-Data verification module that allows locating and verifying the pick-up address or destination. Based upon the initial user data input, a window displaying a list of probable addresses will appear thereby eliminating additional typing of information. Just scroll and select the desired address. If the typed address is invalid, an alert from SmartCab Corporate will be displayed.

Access To Multiple Vendors:
SmartCab Corporate allows simultaneously multiple vendor accessibility, thereby providing greater flexibility and a wider range of vendor selection in supplying corporate transportation.

Multiple Call Distribution Methods:
When dealing with multiple transportation vendors, SmartCab Corporate allows transmission of requests 'Sequentially' (even distribution of pick-up requests to multiple vendors) or 'Broadcasting' (distribution of pickup requests based upon the 'best estimated time of arrival' offer).

Standing Orders:
For specified re-occurring pick-ups, a 'Standing Order' can be placed using SmartCab Corporate's application whereby a vendor assigned vehicle will be dispatched automatically for the specified pick-up time.

Block A Driver:
If your company experiences dissatisfaction with a driver, he/she could be blocked for either one specific employee or for an entire department.

User -Transport Manager Communication:
While placing a reservation, users can communicate with the transportation service provider's manager to address immediate issues.

Complaints or suggestions may be communicated directly via SmartCab Corporate's 'Customer Service' feature.

Passenger-Driver Communication:
Once a vehicle is assigned to a passenger through SmartCab Corporate, the passenger can communicate with the driver by typing in a designated dialogue text box.

Easy Vouchers For Rides:
Once a vehicle is assigned to a passenger, a voucher can be generated and printed detailing all the relative information and then present to the driver.

Voucher Verification:
Vouchers from previous rides can be viewed to resolve any billing dispute or for record retention.