SmartCab Corporate is a highly dynamic browser based application that will revolutionize corporate relationships with transportation provider vendors by providing the following benefits:

Significant savings in transportation expenses
Simplification of corporate and vendor interaction
Efficient and expeditious car order processing
Elimination of unnecessary and time consuming procedures

Significant Savings In Transportation Expenses:
Perhaps the most significant benefit in implementing SmartCab Corporate for corporate transportation requirements is SAVINGS!
Reduced expenses are realized by:

Reduction in Phone Calls:
SmartCab Corporate application eliminates the need to telephone the transportation vendor by allowing employees to directly place an order through SmartCab Corporate's browser application. Order status and all other inquiries can easily be resolved from SmartCab Corporate.
Prevention in Billing Over Charges:
All specific transportation orders and billing information can be readily accessed and viewed at any given time. If questionable billing charges appear on invoice statements, one can simply access SmartCab Corporate and view the specific transportation voucher, fare, waiting time(s), stops or any other relevant charge.
Savings For Vendor = Discounts For Corporate Clients!
Traditionally, transportation vendors utilize a dispatch system employing many reservation operators, dispatchers, call-back operators and supervisors. SmartCab Corporate significantly eliminates many dispatching personnel thereby presenting an opportunity for the vendor to offer discounts to its high-use corporate customers.

Simplification of Corporate and Vendor Interaction:

Optima Systems Inc. has played a major role in this transition with its development of SmartCab as the industry's first user friendly, Windows based dispatch system.

Easy User - Vendor Interaction:
SmartCab Corporate provides employees immediate access to Transportation Service Providers via a standard browser from reservation orders, pick-up instructions, car arrival status (ETA), assigned car, fare info, to billing charges, all of which can be readily viewed and printed within a matter of seconds.
Control And Account Management:
SmartCab Corporate is designed to operate under a controlled environment by incorporating a supervisory function within its Administrator Module, thereby providing the necessary corporate tools to enforce corporate policies, such as
i) User Access Rights:
User access rights permit or restrict accessibility thereby limiting unauthorized access and transportation costs.

ii) Departmental Reports:
Departmental and individual ride summary reports as well as billing and invoicing statements can be viewed and printed on demand by in-house corporate account administrators.

iii) Template Management:
SmartCab Corporate provides for "template management" by granting varying degrees of access rights and levels to designated departments and individuals.
Each template is composed of different rights, for example:

"Smoking = Yes"
"Stops = No"
"Waiting Time = 20 mins", etc.

Department Administrators can delete, modify or add new templates and assign
them to either entire departments or individuals within departments.

Efficient And Expeditious Car Order Processing:
When transportation is required, all that is necessary is that the user logon to the appropriate SmartCab Corporate application and place an order. Within minutes, the assigned vehicle number and estimated time of arrival will be displayed. Once a vehicle is assigned, the passenger can further communicate with the driver by accessing SmartCab Corporate's Passenger-Driver Communication feature.

Elimination of Unnecessary And Time Consuming Procedures:
SmartCab Corporate encompasses a complete transportation solution application by incorporating Reservation, Billing, Customer Service and Administration modules. No longer is it necessary to call to order a car, wait for car number, send mail or e-mail for customer service or billing issues. All aspects of transportation status and requirements can now be resolved readily and easily on-line, thereby eliminating call waiting time, delays, and inaccurate billing as well as disputed charges.