Project Name Pakistan Buzz.
Project Type A portal with an inception of business related information with reference to Pakistan.
Challenge Help domestic and foreign market to maintain its linkage with the latest happening in Pakistan.
Solution A network kiosk that feature information from a variety of industries in Pakistan.
Main Features

Search engine to suit client's specific information.
Product overview of a variety of concerns.
Latest updates of various sectors.
Forum for visitors participation, a chance to interact with other visitors having same interests.
Projection of company's products.
Image authenticated source of information.
Digital solution that generates a new revenue stream and enhance business.

Project Name Rug Importers
Project Type Corporate Identity Web Site.
Challenge Communicate the competitive edge of Rug Importers through cybernetic world.
Solution Establishment of store front for Rug Importers to entice clients by visually rich web site.
Main Features
JAVA script in the Navigation bar.
Search Engine developed using Active Server Pages (ASP).
Database driven web site. Effective contact information through driving directions form.
Online customer service like Rug Care and Customer Support.
Online viewership of Rug Importers showroom.
Facilitation of target market.
Project Name aecpath
Project Type Portal site for architects, engineers and constructors.
Challenge A gateway network site for related companies and firms in the field of architecture, engineering and construction.
Solution A site that establishes a communication channel between classified members of three industries. The focus of aecpath is to build a business to business e-commerce enabled gateway.
Main Features
Establishment of a common platform for three industries.
Searchable database for massive variety of products.
A list of aecpath product category with special areas devoted to each category.
Growth oriented target market.
Accessible description of products.
Enhancement of aecXchange client base.
Project Name sportsox
Project Type Development of new sales channel for Mehzu Textile.
Challenge A brand name of sports socks in Italy and Pakistan looking for web presence and prevalence of its strong image.
Solution A database driven web site with new target markets. A site with complete description of company's product, production stages and client related information. Manual order status system converted to fully automated web enabled order status system.
Main Features
Database driven web based catalog.
Comprehensive communication arrangement between site visitors and company.
Active Server Pages (ASP).
Online order status for customers ease and comfort.
Customer functionality through online request quote.
Customer service via feed back form and FAQs.

Project Name ICCI
Project Type Image building for network of independent CAD Consultants.
Challenge Usage of digital technology to build and promote the brand of CAD Consultants as one window for any or all requirements of various industries.
Solution A design oriented site with focus on client orientation
Main Features
Proper mounting of competitive edge of ICCI.
Articulate products and services description.
A list of acclaimed CAD companies as partner of ICCI for building up the client confidence.
Client confidence building.
All solutions under one roof benefit.
Positioning as the hub of best expertise available around the world.

Project Name qrugs
Project Type Corporate Identity Web Site.
Challenge An Internet startup who wants to cement its position in the export market.
Solution An introductory site that aims at market growth and provides information about qrugs products.
Main Features
Database driven catalog.
Accessible product information system.
Efficient contact information management.
Consolidates qrugs position in international market.
Facilitates the marketing efforts of qrugs on the online basis. .

Project Name Viisage Technologies
Project Type A leading company providing security systems at more than 800 locations want an online store front for the enhancement of its market.
Challenge Help viisage Technologies generate increased revenue through existing services.
Solution A web presence that elevates the internal and external revenue oriented communication.
Main Features
Flash site.
Consolidation of corporate image.
Contact information management.
Increased clientage through market growth.
Appropriate service description.
Better completing position.
Project Name yEvolve
Project Type Portrayal of web image for an e-commerce consulting site.
Challenge The introduction of E-Muscle as mode of success on the present age of information technology.
Solution A thematic site provoking the requirements for electronic commerce. Bold, rich, funky But reasonable colors befitting the requirements of the subject.
Main Features
An evolutionary approach to communicate the e-commerce as need of the hour.
Animated GIFs.
Thoughtful graphics ensuring the atmosphere of highly pronounced idea in the field of modern commerce.
Highlighting company's capabilities in the field of strategic consulting, front end design, back end design and. implementation.
Emphasizing the cost efficiency of offshore production facilities.
Authoritative positioning in the minds of visitors.
Project Name Gulf Stars Technologies
Project Type A well established group of Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam wanting to excel its growth through interactive media.
Challenge An IT oriented site covering the offerings of parent as well affiliate companies. The purpose is the reinforcement of an existing brand and strategy on the web.
Solution Redesigning of an existing theme with eye catching graphics, suitable colors and appropriate allocation of information.
Main Features
Detailed product overview in an accessible way.
Maximum coverage of affiliate products.
Elevation of the time tested capabilities of the group.
Far reaching information base for the group.
Integrated source of information for group's working domain.
Accessible information platform for Gulf Star Technologies offerings.
ProjectName Easy Import
Project Type e-commerce web site, backend database and development
Challenge Development of a sales counter of numerous car brands for Hillman Grant Company
Solution A searchable database with customization option so that a visitor can convert a standard car into a tailor made model.
Main Features
Searchable Database for Easy Access to Car Specifications Connectivity with World Pay for Online Credit and Debit Card Clearance Effective Contact Management System.
Facilitating Price Calculating Option.
Online quotation service for client ease and comfort.
Variety of options for car brands and models.
Increase in client's sale through greater functionality and Interactivity.